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Don D – Vice President
Don has been interested in sports and fitness his whole life; however it was 1978 when he developed an overall fitness plan with a commitment to do at least 365 fitness activities per year through a combination of weightlifting and running. He tracked all his workouts on a calendar, including daily running mileage. For further incentive his goal was to run around the world, the circumference of which is 40,076 K. This was accomplished in 2009. Having achieved good health and numerous friendships along the way, his new goal was to go back. At this point he is approaching 50,000K.
Having competed in over 100 timed events, he has raced on 3 continents, including Australia. He has raced in 16 marathons, with 3 stops in Boston and 1 each in Chicago, Illinois and Venice, Italy.
Don makes no promises that running will be easy, but he does promise that it will be worth it!

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