About Us

The Brampton Benders Running Club was officially formed in 2010. 

The club has multiple weekly runs / walks in different locations around Brampton. Members can use the runs to help with race training or other goals they might have. These runs allow members to meet and socialize with like minded individuals. Members range from new runners just starting out to experienced marathoners. If you are looking for information about a race, likely someone in the club has run it and can provide advice. The club also has various training plans that can be used to train for various distances. 

The club publishes a monthly newsletter that provides information on upcoming social activities, race discounts, race stories, training sessions and other information of interest.

The club has monthly meetings open to all members who can provide input into the direction of the club.

The club holds social activities throughout the year such as a golf tournament, dragon boat racing, bike riding, bowling and skating.  

The clubs holds two races annually; the Run4Hope in April and the Don Doan Dash in September that raise funds for charity. 

If you are interested in the club we invite you to join us on a run. Location and times can be found here

Note: We run in all types of weather from rain to snow and all temperatures! 


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