Annual General Meeting aka BBQ Pool Party

The first official sign of summer happened this past weekend, I’m of course talking about the annual reading of the financial standing of The Brampton Benders. Nothing says summer like the itemization of revenues and expenses. Sun’s out…Balance sheets out! It looks like the Benders are still in the black, which is a surprise to no one as our latest and 80th member David joined to celebrate another fantastic year for the club.

A group of 20+ members set off to get in their long slow run for the week (a pool party is no reason to miss your long run). Several distances ranging from 12k to 20k were completed as groups headed up the Chinguacousy Trail and then headed east before turning south and looping back to the Don Doan Trail around Professors Lake (Home of the Don Doan Dash) before finishing back to Plodder Paul’s. Overcast skies kept things relatively cool and easy as everyone finished up looking strong.

After everyone returned, the most important task of re-hydration began! Cheers! The Annual General Meeting proceeded as more members and families trickled in. Everyone bringing their delicious treats and the grill heating up, the meeting seemed to progress faster then the previous executive meetings held throughout the year. This organization was organized (and possibly hungry!). Burgers, hot dogs, samosas, salads and all kinds of fantastic food were heaped on everyone’s plates as everyone dug in.

Some highlights:

  • Samantha G. steps down as Vice President and assumes new role and sole focus Race Director…woo!
  • Jacki W. is elected the New Vice President. Yay! Jacki!
  • has been brought back from the dead (or 2014)
  • The Don Doan Dash – Sept. 10th. Closing in on 100 registered participants. Don’t miss out – Register HERE!

Reloaded and ready to party the pool was open and the music was on. This party was in full swing. Brand new Bender apparel made it just in time to be handed out. Did you get your new Black Bender Jacket or amazing Hoodie? There might be some extras still available and if not, the Bender’s store will be back open in the fall (details will come in the weekly email update).


Next up – Bender Golf Day – check the emails for details.

As always a super big thanks goes out to Plodder Paul and his family for the generous use of their backyard, pool, and BBQ. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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