Another big race weekend

So happy that racing season is upon us. ?We have a pretty big race weekend here in the GTA with the Toronto Goodlife Marathon and the Mississauga Marathon both happening Sunday May 4th. ?With that another large group of Benders will be participating in races this weekend.

We have Elaine doing the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

We have Michelle B, Beth, Dwayne and Sabrina doing the Toronto Goodlife Marathon.

We have Samantha, Ivar, Mike T, Marie-Claire, Brian, Steve, Todd, Hank, Firmo, Mike B, Karyn, Marie S, and Manuel (although due to injury Manuel is no longer able to run the race) doing the full marathon and Teresa, Alan, Don and Michelle B. doing the half marathon in Mississauga.

We want to wish all our runners a great race and we will be cheering for you by the sidelines!

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