Executive Members

President  – Ivar G

Ivar discovered running in the summer of 2006, and has participated in numerous running events since then. With 50+ marathons under his belt, he has no intention of stopping anytime soon. Often referred to as “Fearless Leader” which was no doubt earned by a full race calendar and ability to bring people together regardless of the cause or distance. Contact him, he will convince you to join our group.




Vice President – Jacki W

Jackilyn started running in fall 2009. She has since completed several marathons, instructed many 10K clinics with the Running Room and created a “run for mental health” club at her school. She also now coaches student cross country teams and promotes healthy active living with her students and colleagues.
Jackilyn accepted her nomination to VP of the Brampton Benders because she, “wants to spread the love for health and fitness with the Brampton community” and what better way to do this than leading by example through running.




Treasurer –  Paul D aka “Plodder Paul”

He claims “he’s not much into running, but loves the people”. Paul can still be found at most Bender gatherings and sometimes even running. Runners are a great bunch-especially the Bender Runners. ‘If I thought I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of my body’”. He also fights tirelessly for an executive members exclusive limited edition Benders Naugahyde leather jacket.




Secretary – Carlo T

Carlo has actively been running for 15+ years. Starting with a 5K race at the Around the Bay road Race on March 24, 2002. Over the years he has participated in many races and distances including a number of full marathons. Keep an eye for Carlo scooping up podium finishes at your local race.





Membership Director – Michelle B

picture of Michelle Basciano, Membership DirectorMichelle decided in May of 2011 to see if she could learn to run….and she hasn’t looked back. She has now completed several races including 10+ full marathons. She enjoys running very much, for both the health and social aspects. The best way to relieve stress is go for a run with a running buddy.






Past Executive Members

Sam G  – Past Vice President, Don Doan Dash Race Director 2017

Samantha has been interested in running and fitness her whole life. She has been an avid runner since 2000 when she was living in England and was asked to participate on a company-wide team that competed in running and orienteering events. Running her first marathon in 2003 at the London Marathon she was determined to better her 5:12 time and within the next 10 years she has achieved a PB of 3:48. Her next goal is to qualify for Boston in her age category 40-49. Having ran just under 20 marathons plus several ultra marathons and numerous running events, Samantha’s passion for running keeps her focused, determined and fit.


Don D – Past Vice President

Don has been interested in sports and fitness his whole life; however it was 1978 when he developed an overall fitness plan with a commitment to do at least 365 fitness activities per year through a combination of weightlifting and running. He tracked all his workouts on a calendar, including daily running mileage. For further incentive his goal was to run around the world, the circumference of which is 40,076 K. This was accomplished in 2009. Having achieved good health and numerous friendships along the way, his new goal was to go back. At this point he is approaching 50,000K. Having competed in over 100 timed events, he has raced on 3 continents, including Australia. He has raced in 16 marathons, with 3 stops in Boston and 1 each in Chicago, Illinois and Venice, Italy. Don makes no promises that running will be easy, but he does promise that it will be worth it!


Mike T  – Past Executive at large

In 2006 Mike first walked into the Running Room and joined the 10 km clinic. Since then he has run many races (slowly), met many, many incredible, humble, and talented people, given endless talks on hydration and fueling (I am slowly learning to follow my own advice), and now he can state that running is an integral part of his life. Now, when people ask him what he does, “I say I am a teacher and a runner” and when he packs for an upcoming journey his passport and running shoes are always the first articles that are safely stowed away.


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