Busy Race Weekend – WSER100, IRONMAN and BAA10

It was a busy race weekend with Benders racing all over the North America. California, Boston, Quebec and Toronto.

This weekend saw Steve along with Carol and Randall out in sunshine filled California. Lake Tahoe specifically where The Western States Endurance Run was taking place. The Western States Endurance Run is the granddaddy of the all ultra-marathon races. First 100 Miler in North America. Find more info here .

Steve who has been working tirelessly to qualify (multiple 100 mile qualifying races) and with the hope of being selected for this race for the past 5 years. His ticket was finally drawn from the lottery in December along with 368 other people (only 1 of 9 Canadians) to toe the line this past weekend. 

Conditions looked tough even for your most seasoned 100 miler with the first part of the course being still snow covered (It starts at Squaw Valley, which is still open with over 100″ of snow!!) and into the canyons where temperatures were over 40 degrees! Rising temps and rapidly melting snow left the course very muddy and not very runnable. 

Unfortunately Steve did not meet the cutoff timeline after the 30 mile aid-station and was forced to drop from the race. 30 Miles!! Did anyone else manage to run that far this weekend? Amazing work Steve, I’m sure you’ll be back there to get your buckle!


Lorraine and crew headed to Quebec to compete in The Mount Tremblant IRONMAN. As is the tradition it was Lorraine vs. Robert showdown. Lorraine coming out on top this year with 7:50 vs. 8:05. (those times are in hours! wow!)  Talk about a competitive family. Awesome work guys and way to keep it fun.  

After completing the 5k in Boston in April, Michelle B. returned this weekend to compete in the B.A.A 10K. Judging by the post race celebrations it looks like there was a different drink for every kilometer. Now that’s how you celebrate a race! Will she be back in October for the half marathon to complete the trifecta? That’s going to take some serious training…that’s over 21 celebratory drinks! Awesome work Michelle!

Anupam was out crushing another MEC race. This time it was the half. The MEC series are a great series of low-key races with various distances with minimal entry fee all over southern Ontario. A great way to checkout your fitness level. Well done sir!

Did we miss anyone? Be sure to reach out and share your race stories.

2 Weeks to go – Run4Hope Recap

First, let me welcome our 2 newest Benders….Jim W. and Gina B.

Congratulations to everyone who ran this weekend. Whether it was your long slow run or if you raced at the Run 4 Hope at Professor’s lake on Sunday.

We had a record number of Benders on the Podium for the 5 and 10 km races for their age groups:

Way to go…Sue, Jacki, Carlo – First place!
Way to go…Anupam, Alan Beasley, – Second
Way to go…Teresa, Denis, Derek, Laura C. – Third


What a great accomplishment, and there were several others who just missed the podium.

A thank you much to all the Bender volunteers who gave out water and monitored the intersections of the route. What a great team we have!

Only two weeks to go till our spring races in either Mississauga or Toronto.

After our Speed work on Wed, we start to Taper. the fun part.

This week:

Tuesday – 6:45 – Tim’s at Shoppers World – 6 km
Wed – Speed Work – 6:30 Bramalea RR
Thursday – Bramalea RR 7:00 (After the Clinic talks) for 8 to 10 k
This coming Sunday… Lets Go to Inglewood for 8:30 am and run the flat trail – Marathoners need to do 16km. Treats afterwards!

Race Season is Upon Us

We have finally got some good weather and today was a beauty.  It is about time! It seemed the winter would never end but alas it is only April so we know it will get colder before it gets hotter.  That is ok though because that fresh spring weather is perfect for running.  That fresh spring weather is what we hope for for all our Bender runners participating in one of several races coming up.

First up we have 2 races tomorrow.  We have the Toronto Yonge St. 10K. A fast downhill course in, you guessed it, Toronto.  We also have the Run4Hope right here in Brampton.  This is a nice small race that is always lots of fun.

Of course we can not forget to mention the Boston Marathon.   The race so many marathon runners aim to qualify for.  We have 5 Benders down for the race this year.  This year Randall, Todd, Ivar, Amanda and Beth will be running the race.  For those wondering how to get live race coverage, you can check out this link.  What an exciting race this must be.

We wish everyone racing the best of luck and the best weather. Have a great race all!

boston boston1

Run Disney

The Benders have invaded Florida!  A bunch of the group went down to participate in the Run Disney marathon weekend.

benders in florida

There are many options to this sold out event.  There are your standard kids races, 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon and then there are the challenges. The Goofy Challenge which is the half marathon on the Saturday followed by the full marathon on the Sunday and the Dopey Challenge which begins on Thursday and has people running all the distances, 5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, half marathon on Saturday and a full on Sunday to finish it off.  I am tired just writing all of that out.

We have 13 members all doing the challenges and we want to wish them all a fantastic race, or 4 races.  Good luck to you all and have fun!


Events this week

Sunday was the kick off of the ENDURrun.  This week long event includes 7 stages to the race.

Stage 1 – kicks things off with a half marathon.

Stage 2 – 15km time trial

Stage 3 – 30km trail run

Stage 4 – 10 mile (16km) hill run (that does not sound fun!)

Stage 5 – 25.6km Alpine run

Stage 6 – 10km time trial

Stage 7 – finishes things off with a full marathon.

This event is a true test of endurance and we have a few Benders participating and one – Michelle B., completing each day.  She has survived her hill run and is on to the trail run tomorrow.

Also coming up this Saturday is the Midsummer Night Run in Toronto where runners can do a 5km, 15km or 30km distance.   Another group of Benders will be participating in this race which is always know to be a fun time.

We wish Michelle and the others a great race at the ENDURrun and all our Benders at Midsummer Night’s Run a great race as well!

Sporting Life

Good luck to those of us running Sporting Life on Sunday – Jenn, Carlo, Teresa, Mike B and Don. There are sure to be some PB’s on this downhill course. The largest race in Toronto with an estimated 27,000 runners!! It is sure to be a great time. This race also happens to fall on Mother’s Day so we would like to give a special shout out to all the mothers out there as well. Have a great day!!!

Races this weekend

There are several races coming up this weekend that our Benders are participating in so let’s wish a great race to the following:

MEC Race 1 – Jay

Oakville Mercedes 10K – Carlo

Run 4 Hope – Jenn, Beth, Andrea, Maria, Don and Al

Waterloo Marathon – Mike B.

If anyone signed up last minute or was missed, we wish a great race to you as well.  Can’t wait to hear all about it.


Good luck to Tony, Kiran and any other Benders (Andrea?) that are doing the Toronto Yonge St. 10K this Sunday.  There are sure to be some PB’s on this fast downhill course.  Can’t wait to hear all about it.