Don Doan Dash – Race Day Instructions

Promoting Don Doan Dash 5k

The Brampton Bender promotional machine is up running. This past Wednesday saw Rob and Grace at Square One Running Room and Ivar & Sam at the Winston Churchill store. Spreading the word on the Don Doan Dash. Benders will be visiting neighboring Running Room in the coming weeks to let everyone know about the awesome race we’ve planned and hoping everyone will come out and make it a real special event.

Want to help out promoting this event?

  •  Run with another group or store? (Running Free, MEC or different Running Room)
    • Ask the manager if you can do a quick two minute pitch before the group fun run.
    • Don’t like speaking in front of groups but still want them to know about it – Contact Sam and a Bender will help
  • Post the Flyer for the run (see Sam for copies)
    • Rec Center
    • Sporting good store
    • Community Center
    • Any place runners might see and be interested.
  • Bring in it up in conversation whenever you find yourself in a group of 2 or more people
    • People never get sick of hearing about running and race stuff ????
  • If someone asks you why I should run the Don Doan Dash 5k
    • Free Technical T-Shirt
    • Finishers Medal
    • Timed Event
    • Supporting ALS
    • Supporting Brampton running community
    • Oh…and it’s going to be fun!

This Week – July 10th

Contest – Win Free Entry to Don Doan Dash

Want to win a free entry to The Don Doan Dash – 5K?

How do I win? Easy just help us spread the word. Earn ballots by sharing through social media outlets.

How do I do that? So many ways to earn ballots

  +1 Ballot –  Like the post and comment tagging 2 friends
  +1 Ballot –  Repost the contest post. Be sure to tag @dondoandash in the repost
  +1 Ballot – Follow @DonDoanDash

  +1 Ballot – Like the post and retweet contest
  +1 Ballot – Follow @BendersRC

  +1 Ballot – Like the Don Doan Dash Page and invite a friend to join
  +1 Ballot – Share the contest post

How many times can I enter?  You can earn up to 7 ballots.

What if I already like / follow you on social media? You’re already a winner our books. You can still earn 4 Ballots by sharing contest posts.

What if I’ve already registered? – Awesome! Thanks so much. You can still help spread the word. If your name is drawn you can gift your prize to a friend.

How long do I have to enter? Ballots will be tallied based on shares, likes, retweets and reposted as of Wednesday July 12th at 11:59pm EST.

When is the draw? The draw will take place Thursday July 13th with the winner posted around noon.

How will I know if I won? Winners will contacted through private message. Winner will be shared on social media.

What if I win but can’t make the race?  We’ll mail you the race kit and you can run the race on your own. Be sure to share pictures so we know you’ve run your 5k 🙂

The contest is over but I still want to share the Don Doan Dash with everyone, what can I do? Like and share all our posts. Use the hashtags #DDDash, #DDDash4ALS and #BendersRC