Race Season is Upon Us

We have finally got some good weather and today was a beauty.  It is about time! It seemed the winter would never end but alas it is only April so we know it will get colder before it gets hotter.  That is ok though because that fresh spring weather is perfect for running.  That fresh spring weather is what we hope for for all our Bender runners participating in one of several races coming up.

First up we have 2 races tomorrow.  We have the Toronto Yonge St. 10K. A fast downhill course in, you guessed it, Toronto.  We also have the Run4Hope right here in Brampton.  This is a nice small race that is always lots of fun.

Of course we can not forget to mention the Boston Marathon.   The race so many marathon runners aim to qualify for.  We have 5 Benders down for the race this year.  This year Randall, Todd, Ivar, Amanda and Beth will be running the race.  For those wondering how to get live race coverage, you can check out this link.  What an exciting race this must be.

We wish everyone racing the best of luck and the best weather. Have a great race all!

boston boston1


Good luck to Tony, Kiran and any other Benders (Andrea?) that are doing the Toronto Yonge St. 10K this Sunday.  There are sure to be some PB’s on this fast downhill course.  Can’t wait to hear all about it.