This Week – Aug 28th

Congratulations to Carlo, Maria, Tony, Teresa, Firmo and all the other Mud Heroes out there. Back to back OCR races for Firmo, he’s putting the washing machine to work with all that mud. Anyone looking to do one of these obstacle races talk to these guys. Their Mud Hero group seems to be growing every year!

Only 12 days before the Don Doan Dash. Lots of work going on in preparation for this race. If you haven’t already, please sign up and get your family and friends to come also.

Still need some volunteers too. Contact “Get Fit with Maria”

We had a great turnout last sunday – 22 Benders at Second Cup.

This week:

  • Tues – 6:45 – Tim Horton – Shoppers world for 6 k
  • Wed – 6:30 – Running Room – we start speed work – 4 x 800 repeats. Terry Fox track in Ching Park. Hopefully we’ll be able to use the track.
  • Thurs – 6:45 – Heading to Vegas!! oops! I mean, meet at Chris Gibson Rec Centre to run 6 to 8 k
  • Sun – 8:30 – Long run, back up to 29 for the Marathoners and 18 for the halfers.

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