Sporting Life

Good luck to those of us running Sporting Life on Sunday – Jenn, Carlo, Teresa, Mike B and Don. There are sure to be some PB’s on this downhill course. The largest race in Toronto with an estimated 27,000 runners!! It is sure to be a great time. This race also happens to fall on Mother’s Day so we would like to give a special shout out to all the mothers out there as well. Have a great day!!!

Another big race weekend

So happy that racing season is upon us.  We have a pretty big race weekend here in the GTA with the Toronto Goodlife Marathon and the Mississauga Marathon both happening Sunday May 4th.  With that another large group of Benders will be participating in races this weekend.

We have Elaine doing the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

We have Michelle B, Beth, Dwayne and Sabrina doing the Toronto Goodlife Marathon.

We have Samantha, Ivar, Mike T, Marie-Claire, Brian, Steve, Todd, Hank, Firmo, Mike B, Karyn, Marie S, and Manuel (although due to injury Manuel is no longer able to run the race) doing the full marathon and Teresa, Alan, Don and Michelle B. doing the half marathon in Mississauga.

We want to wish all our runners a great race and we will be cheering for you by the sidelines!

Benders Clean Up

Wow! Yay Benders to a great race weekend!!  Congrats on completing your marathon Mike!  Way to go Jay – 10th overall at a very difficult trail race by MEC. So many podium finishes at the Run 4 Hope – myself (third female overall – 5K), Donovan (2nd in age group), Don (second in age group) , Allen (1st in age group and 4th overall in the 10K).  Dwayne had a great finish, Beth, MariaCarlo and her clinic.  A little chilly for standing around but great race weather yesterday!  Good job everyone!

Races this weekend

There are several races coming up this weekend that our Benders are participating in so let’s wish a great race to the following:

MEC Race 1 – Jay

Oakville Mercedes 10K – Carlo

Run 4 Hope – Jenn, Beth, Andrea, Maria, Don and Al

Waterloo Marathon – Mike B.

If anyone signed up last minute or was missed, we wish a great race to you as well.  Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Peel Runners Reflect on the Boston Marathon

Sharing a link to last Thursday’s article in the Brampton Guardian which features a quote from our very own Ivar.

“You see it in the news and you hear it on the radio, but I’m not listening to that,” said Gaizauskas, who had already received his medal for finishing last year when the bombings occurred.

“To me, (the attack) was an aberration — something went wrong. It’s not like now, all of a sudden, we have to worry about all these terrorists at every race,” he said. “It’s (going to be) my fifth time. It’s a great run with all the crowds and everything.”



Remembering Boston

It is with a heavy heart that we remember the tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon just one short year ago.  I realize the dates were different but the event remains the same.  We were all shocked and saddened to hear of the bombings and how many lives were forever changed, especially for those that lost their lives – Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu and Sean Collier.  Dear World has made a nice tribute to some of the survivors and remembers those that passed.  Check it out here. It is quite moving.

On a positive note, we do have some of our members returning this year to participate in the Boston Marathon and we would like to wish a great race to Ivar, Elaine and Steve.

The Big 7 Body Breakdowns

A friend shared this article from Runner’s World that goes through 7 of the most common running injuries complete with how to treat them.  It is a great read with a lot of useful and informative information.  Runner’s World doesn’t have the option to reblog so I have linked the article here and full credit of course goes to the author Christie Aschwanden.

Whether you land in the red, linger in the yellow, or return to the green end of the spectrum depends largely on how you react when that first stab of pain hits, says Richard J. Price, M.D., a sports physician at Rocky Mountain Orthopedic Associates in Grand Junction, Colorado. “Often it comes down to whether you take a little time off now or a lot of time off later,” he says.