Help Save Local Races

We need your help! Local races are seeing a 50% decrease in registrations since the pandemic and Run4Hope is no different. Organizers cannot absorb these losses and this means fewer races. We have already seen changes in racecourses as organizations look to reduce their costs but that is not always enough.

We have 83 people registered for Run4Hop on April 16th, these numbers will not cover the costing of hosting the race. It is great for the participants as they have a better chance of winning their age category but not so much for the club. Run4Hope is in jeopardy for 2024.

Here’s were you can help;

  • Register for the race at the Running Room
  • Share our posts about registering for the race via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to your network.
  • Reach out friends who are runners or walkers and ask them to consider registering.
  • Help with sponsoring the race by asking your company or suggesting companies that might help us. Note: this can be financial, food or prizes. We can help with a letter – contact us at or provide us the contact information and we will reach out.
  • Volunteer to help on race day by emailing us:

The Brampton Bender’s have over 100 members and we need your assistance in making Run4Hope a success. Please consider helping so we can keep local races alive. 

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