Bender Golf Classic

On Sunday July 16th The Bender Golf Classic was born. This event has existed for the past few years but has never had such a catchy name. Every year the Benders (that’s the running group that also bikes, skis and curls) dust off their golf clubs (or rent some) and spend a few hours hitting a tiny white ball into a hole several hundred yards away. Of course this is followed up with a bbq and lots of drinks!

A great mix of seasoned players and newbies who just come for a fun time group up and play a 9 hole best ball match. There’s laughs, drinks and plenty of divots. It’s all about having a good time. With nearly 20 Benders hitting the links at Mayfield Golf Course and having a fantastic time despite threatening showers it’s safe to say that this event will only get bigger next year.

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