This Week – Sept. 25

Congratulations to all the Benders who ran Oakville Half Marathon. Heard it was hot and tough….well done!

We had a great Wine Run Sunday morning, the run part was very difficult, running through the mid-day heat, but the before and after race partying was fantastic. Thanks to Firmo and Teresa for hosting (and for keeping the pool open.) and to Michelle for organizing the event! 22 Benders participated, despite the hot conditions.

This week:

  • Tuesday –  6:45 – Tim Hortons (Shoppers World) – 6 or 7 k run
  • Wednesday – 6:30 – Running Room Bramalea – Some more track work. Make sure to wear something pink.
  • Thursday – 6:45 – Chris Gibson Rec. Centre – 6 to 8 km
  • Saturday – Reply to Liz if you’re looking to do your long run on Saturday.
  • Sunday – Several Benders are participating in Run for the Cure. If you haven’t registered for the Team “Benders 4 the cure” please do so. If you require additional info, please reach out to Michelle for details. More info on Sunday’s long run to follow.

Have a great week, hope this great weather continues.

Wine Run – 2017

The annual fall tradition of The Wine Run was this past weekend and in attempt to keep things fresh it was decided to hold this year’s event on the sun!!  Traditionally this run is the perfect way many Benders close out the summer. But this year summer weather was a little hard to come by and it turns out that Sept. 24th was one of the nicest days of summer (…yes I’m aware it’s actually fall!)

Benders assembled at the ever gracious DeMelo House for a fancy breakfast before making their way across the city trying to find shade wherever they could and stopping at other Bender houses that were generous enough to host the brave souls who decided wine, long runs and hot sun (near 40 with humidex) sounded like the perfect way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to every one who hosted a pit stop, provided supplies and participated…oh and of course organized! This event continues to embody the Benders spirit – running, friends, fun and booze!

Biking in Welland and a Post Run Pool Party

After weeks of punishing weather during the winter season Benders are making sure to take advantage of the fantastic summer weather (that’s the fantastic summer weather that occurs between all the rain). There was the AGM Pool Party and then The Bender Golf Classic.  July had another two fantastic outings.

Donovan and Andrea welcomed a peloton of 15 bikers (peloton…that’s what you call a group of bikers right? I don’t know, I just run) to take in the trails at their new home in Welland. Out cruising the canal for a brief 37K ride and then back to their place for a bbq a lovely time was had by all. Thanks to Donovan and Andrea for the great ride and hospitality.


Rob and Grace hosted a post long run pool party. Nothing sweeter than a refreshing dip after a 20+ kilometer run on crushed gravel path on the Inglewood trail on hot summer’s day. Is there anything better than having these type of friends. Generous is a word that comes to mind when you think of The Benders. Big thanks to Grace, Rob and Family for welcoming the Benders.

August is upon us and there’s likely more fun to be had. Be sure to check your emails and keep your calendars clear for more Bender socials.

Bender Golf Classic

On Sunday July 16th The Bender Golf Classic was born. This event has existed for the past few years but has never had such a catchy name. Every year the Benders (that’s the running group that also bikes, skis and curls) dust off their golf clubs (or rent some) and spend a few hours hitting a tiny white ball into a hole several hundred yards away. Of course this is followed up with a bbq and lots of drinks!

A great mix of seasoned players and newbies who just come for a fun time group up and play a 9 hole best ball match. There’s laughs, drinks and plenty of divots. It’s all about having a good time. With nearly 20 Benders hitting the links at Mayfield Golf Course and having a fantastic time despite threatening showers it’s safe to say that this event will only get bigger next year.

Meet up and Bender Gear

Meet and Greet

It’s almost here, our first official “Meet & Greet”. We have 36 Benders attending!

As mentioned in emails Chef Cal has made up a special menu for us. Something for everyone. The cost is $25 per person + drinks. When you arrive they will take your name and start a tab. Please make sure you do this as soon as possible.

Meet & Greet Details

Friday May 26th 7 pm


J.Red & Co.
341 Main St. N. (Main & Vodden)
Brampton, ON L6X 1N5

Any questions, please contact Michelle through email.

Bender Gear

A big thank you to Everyone who placed Orders! A total of 22 items were purchased. Orders should arrive in 4 – 6 weeks and Jacki will advise when your items are in and details for distribution.

Look forward to seeing Everyone in their Bender gear at the next Race!

Also a big thanks to Karyn and Jacki for setting up and organizing the gear website.