Sulphur Springs – Race Recap

Brampton Benders took to the trails this past Saturday to participate in the 25th running of the Sulphur Springs Trail Race. The race offered a few special distances this year to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Notably the 200Mile and 100K distances were added the standard distances of 10K, 25K, 50K, 50Mile, 100Mile and 100Mile Relay.

A team of eight was assembled to complete the 100Mile Relay. Starting at 6am the team had 30 hours to complete 8 laps (1 lap per runner) of 20K for a total of 160K (100Miles)

The morning started off chilly and overcast. It had rained heavily on the Thursday shortly before the 200 Milers began their attempt to finish in the following 72 hours. The course was said to be muddy in a few areas but generally in pretty good condition. Leg one of the relay set off at 6am along with the 100Miler solo runners and 50Milers. The 50K, 25K and 10K runners would be added to the course as the morning went on, 1200 runners in total would be on the course in total.

With minimal course experience on the team, each runner dove head long down the steep decent of Martin Rd and into Sulphur Springs where one after another runner left everything they had out on the course. The weather grew warmer and muggier as the day wore on but they showed no signs of slowing down.

By the time night had fallen 6 of 8 runners had completed their laps. Runner 7 took off into the woods with only their headlamp and the reflective marks on the course as their guides. Runner 8 set off just before midnight and would return covered in mud just a few short hours later. Roots and rocks had tripped him up just mere kilometers from the finish. Despite being covered in mud the remaining team members gathered for high fives at the finish line as they completed 100 Miles in 19Hours and 38minutes, placing them 12 of 20 teams.

Special recognition to Steve who crushed the 100K distance finishing 12th overall (9th Male and 2nd in age group) in a time of 13Hours and 31minutes. This race was part of his prep work for his upcoming 100Miler, none other than the famous Western States 100 later this June.

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