Tour de Grand and Ride to Conquer Cancer

Whether its recovering from an injury, training for a triathlon or just for fun, one thing is for sure, the Brampton Benders like to bike. This past weekend saw a large group of Benders covering the various distances offered at Cambridge’s Tour de Grand. This event in the past few years has been met with some less than ideal weather conditions. 

But this year’s event was all sunshine and strong winds. Benders are hearty characters running or otherwise, as seen from the photos it was nothing but smiles for miles. Well done to all who rode, as the popularity of this event among Benders continues to grow there will be no doubt more Benders ready to ride in 2018.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer was also this past weekend. Back to back days of 100+km rides with 5000 of your closest friends. Raising over $20 million dollars for the cause this year was record breaking year. Congratulations to Chandra and others on completing this sun scorching event.


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