Biking in Welland and a Post Run Pool Party

After weeks of punishing weather during the winter season Benders are making sure to take advantage of the fantastic summer weather (that’s the fantastic summer weather that occurs between all the rain). There was the AGM Pool Party and then The Bender Golf Classic.  July had another two fantastic outings.

Donovan and Andrea welcomed a peloton of 15 bikers (peloton…that’s what you call a group of bikers right? I don’t know, I just run) to take in the trails at their new home in Welland. Out cruising the canal for a brief 37K ride and then back to their place for a bbq a lovely time was had by all. Thanks to Donovan and Andrea for the great ride and hospitality.


Rob and Grace hosted a post long run pool party. Nothing sweeter than a refreshing dip after a 20+ kilometer run on crushed gravel path on the Inglewood trail on hot summer’s day. Is there anything better than having these type of friends. Generous is a word that comes to mind when you think of The Benders. Big thanks to Grace, Rob and Family for welcoming the Benders.

August is upon us and there’s likely more fun to be had. Be sure to check your emails and keep your calendars clear for more Bender socials.

This Week – June 19th

 Have a look at this week’s practice runs (same as usual), and also the Events we are planning for July. Mark your calendars!

This week:

  • Tuesday – 6 km from Tim’s in Shoppers World – 6:45
  • Wed – Bramalea RR 10 km – 6:30
  • Thursday – Chris Gibson Rec Centre – 6:45 – 6 or 8 k
  • Sunday – TBD – but probably 13 – 16 k

July! Lots of Summer Events:

  • July 7 (Friday evening) Bender RR night at Spot One with Al’s Band
  • July 9 – The Bender Annual General Meeting, Run and Pool Party – All are invited
  • July 16 – Bender Golf Classic – Sunday Afternoon – Please let me know if you are interested, so I can book the Golf Course.
  • July 23 – Benders in Welland at Donovan’s place – Run, Bike, Lunch and Refreshments!
  • July 30 – Bender Run in Inglewood, followed by a Pool Party at Grace and Rob’s home.

Summer is here, lets make the most of it!!

Tour de Grand and Ride to Conquer Cancer

Whether its recovering from an injury, training for a triathlon or just for fun, one thing is for sure, the Brampton Benders like to bike. This past weekend saw a large group of Benders covering the various distances offered at Cambridge’s Tour de Grand. This event in the past few years has been met with some less than ideal weather conditions. 

But this year’s event was all sunshine and strong winds. Benders are hearty characters running or otherwise, as seen from the photos it was nothing but smiles for miles. Well done to all who rode, as the popularity of this event among Benders continues to grow there will be no doubt more Benders ready to ride in 2018.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer was also this past weekend. Back to back days of 100+km rides with 5000 of your closest friends. Raising over $20 million dollars for the cause this year was record breaking year. Congratulations to Chandra and others on completing this sun scorching event.