This Week – June 5th

As usual, our Bender generated positive energy, pushed away all the rain clouds Sunday morning up in Inglewood. It was pouring rain when we started our run in the morning (we were even contemplating calling it off). But as we ran the rain slowed down and stopped half way thru the run. It was great being able to surprise Alan with treats afterwards. And to see Don and Pam out with us.

Way to go all the Bender racers in Streetsville for the Bread and Honey. Podiums for several runners!!

And the ladies who ran in Niagara for the Women’s half. Fantastic!!

Coming up this Sunday, the Tour de Grand in Cambridge. Several of us will be doing the 60 k ride. Lorraine will be racing in the 100 , practicing for her Ironman event coming up soon. If you want to join us for a fun ride, there is still time to sign up. Best $35 deal in town.

The Diva Run on Centre Island….not sure if that is still on, with all the water flooding?? If so, good luck to all of you Divas.

This week:

Tuesday – 6:45 Shoppers world for 6 km
Wed – 6:30 Bramalea RR for 10k
Thurs – Chris Gibson at 6:45 – for 6k

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