Events this week

Sunday was the kick off of the ENDURrun. ?This week long event includes 7 stages to the race.

Stage 1 – kicks things off with a half marathon.

Stage 2 – 15km time trial

Stage 3 – 30km trail run

Stage 4 – 10 mile (16km) hill run (that does not sound fun!)

Stage 5 – 25.6km Alpine run

Stage 6 – 10km time trial

Stage 7 – finishes things off with a full marathon.

This event is a true test of endurance and we have a few Benders participating and one – Michelle B., completing each day. ?She has survived her hill run and is on to the trail run tomorrow.

Also coming up this Saturday is the Midsummer Night Run in Toronto where runners can do a 5km, 15km or 30km distance. ? Another group of Benders will be participating in this race which is always know to be a fun time.

We wish Michelle and the others a great race at the ENDURrun and all our Benders at Midsummer Night’s Run a great race as well!

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