Egg Nog Jog – Recap

Weather definitely got the memo for this year’s Egg Nog Jog. As if on cue there was a dusting of snow that set the mood for the 10.8K loop around the Terra Cotta Conservation Area. Celebrating it’s 35th year with a sold out race, 18 Benders towed the starting line. Cheered on by those who either waited too long to sign up or were nursing an injury. Participants scored a fantastic medal and personalized bath towel as well as enjoyed a great post race celebration.

Be sure to sign up early next year to avoid disappointment as this race always sells out.

*photo credits – Gallery and header – Carlo, medal – Sue Sitki


This Week – Sept. 11th

Thank you all again for helping us put on a great race on Sunday. We needed help in many areas to make the event work, and we got so many helpful and enthusiastic volunteers.

And a thank you to Samantha from The Benders, for taking on the task of race director, “Job well done!” The tireless planning and organizing of our team over the last several months.

So glad to see Don and Pam too!

Well done, congratulations to Steve on his completion of the 100 miler in Woodstock Michigan. Yes, another 100 miles. He’s a machine.

And congratulations to Mike B. and his team. They participated in the Ragnar relay Friday all night till Saturday morning, and he still managed to get to our race in time to help organize volunteers.

Looks like the weather will be good this week. Here is the plan:

This Week:

  • Monday – 6:00- Liz, Michelle and I will be running on the Etobicoke Trail starting behind the old Running Room. Join us if you’re interested.
  • Tuesday – 6:45 – Tim’s parking lot at Shoppers World about 6 km
  • Wednesday – 6:30 – Bramalea Running Room – 6 to 8 repeats of 800 metres (2 laps = 800 meters) both the marathoners and the half marathoners. Other distance runners come join us too.
  • Thursday – 6:45 – Chris Gibson Rec Center – 6 to 8 km
  • Sunday – 23 km long slow run for the marathoners, 18 km for the halfers. Location to be determined.

Don Doan Dash – Race Day Instructions

This Week – Sept. 4th

Hope you all had a great Labour Day weekend. And now it’s September….already?? Vacations have come to an end, back to school, back to work.

Don’t forget The Don Doan Dash this coming Sunday! If your friends or family haven’t already signed up registration closes Thursday at midnight. We’re almost at maximum numbers for T-shirts. Don’t wait till race day cause there might not be any shirts left.

This Week:

  • Tuesday – 6:45 at Tim’s in Shopper’s World parking lot
  • Wednesday – 6:30 – Bramalea Running Room – Speed work
  • Thursday – 6:45 Chris Gibson Rec Centre
  • Sunday – Not sure how we’re going to work this out, because most of us will be at The Don Doan Dash in the morning but our Long slow run requirement this weekend – Marathoners – up to 32k and Halfers up to 18k. Check the emails, we’ll will figure it out later in the week.

This Week – Aug 14th

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

First off, if you haven’t done so already, please sign up for the Don Doan Dash (Sept 10). Get your family members and friends involved also. Its only 4 weeks away. We had a sneak peak at the official race shirt yesterday and there were plenty of oohs and ahhs! Stay tuned for a special preview.

We also need volunteers. If you want to volunteer and haven’t yet, please reach out to “Get Fit Maria” or simply reply to the weekly email indicating that you’d like to volunteer and Ivar will pass it along.

This week:

  • Tuesday – 6:45, at Tim’s parking lot, Shoppers World (just north of Steeles at hwy 10), for a 6 km run
  • Wednesday – 6:30 Bramalea Running Room – we are still doing hills – up to 9 for the marathoners, and 7 for the halfers
  • Thursday – 6:45 Chris Gibson rec centre – for about 6 to 8 km
  • Sunday – Long SLOW run – 32 for the marathoners, 16 for the halfers, other distances for the 5 and 10 k runners. The plan is for Inglewood, either the trail or the road route. More info to come.



Contest – Win Free Entry to Don Doan Dash

Want to win a free entry to The Don Doan Dash – 5K?

How do I win? Easy just help us spread the word. Earn ballots by sharing through social media outlets.

How do I do that? So many ways to earn ballots

  +1 Ballot –  Like the post and comment tagging 2 friends
  +1 Ballot –  Repost the contest post. Be sure to tag @dondoandash in the repost
  +1 Ballot – Follow @DonDoanDash

  +1 Ballot – Like the post and retweet contest
  +1 Ballot – Follow @BendersRC

  +1 Ballot – Like the Don Doan Dash Page and invite a friend to join
  +1 Ballot – Share the contest post

How many times can I enter?  You can earn up to 7 ballots.

What if I already like / follow you on social media? You’re already a winner our books. You can still earn 4 Ballots by sharing contest posts.

What if I’ve already registered? – Awesome! Thanks so much. You can still help spread the word. If your name is drawn you can gift your prize to a friend.

How long do I have to enter? Ballots will be tallied based on shares, likes, retweets and reposted as of Wednesday July 12th at 11:59pm EST.

When is the draw? The draw will take place Thursday July 13th with the winner posted around noon.

How will I know if I won? Winners will contacted through private message. Winner will be shared on social media.

What if I win but can’t make the race?  We’ll mail you the race kit and you can run the race on your own. Be sure to share pictures so we know you’ve run your 5k 🙂

The contest is over but I still want to share the Don Doan Dash with everyone, what can I do? Like and share all our posts. Use the hashtags #DDDash, #DDDash4ALS and #BendersRC

Top Ten Ways You Can Help Don Doan Dash 5k

Top Ten Ways You Can Help Don Doan Dash 5k

1. Register – The easiest thing you can you do is register for the race. Click here...and you’re done. That was easy! Thanks for helping us make this a success.

2. Register a friend – Ever run a race by yourself…nope didn’t think so. Why start now. Get your friends to register for the race. It’s going to be a fun time. It’s also going to make it less awkward when you show up wearing your sweet technical race shirt and finishers medal and they don’t have one.

3. Share – Help spread the word. Social media has far reaching affects and I’m not just talking about sharing pictures of cats. There’s so many platforms and all of them all full of people that love to run and haven’t heard of our race. There’s an event poster available for sharing. Know a bulletin board that would love to find out about the race (sports stores, rec centers, coffee shops, schools, libraries). Just remember to please ask before posting. Follow race related sites – TwitterFacebook, and Instagram

4. Facebook – Have you liked the Don Doan Dash page? Have you selected “yes” that you’re attending the race on Sept. 10th. No? Why not? I know you’re on Facebook. Two billion people on Facebook and only 39 likes for the race page. Let’s close that gap. Like the page, like the posts, share the posts, invite your friends.

5. Wear your Bender gear – Wear your Bender gear to races and out on training runs. Don’t be shy when someone asks you, “What’s a Bender?” and don’t forget to tell them about the Don Doan Dash. Don’t forget to tell them to “come run with us”.

6. #Hashtags – Hashtag your social media posts. Training runs, races, social gatherings. We’ve got #bendersrc #dddash and #dddash4ALS. These hashtags go a long way to help build the buzz and sense of community as everyone gets ready for the race.7. Check the has risen from the ashes. Weekly updates concerning all things Benders are going up. Be sure to check out what’s going on with the club. Want to contribute or have something special to share? Reach out and let us know.

8. Instagram – You’re out there taking selfies, I’ve seen you. Follow @dondoandash on instagram and use the #hashtags to create the buzz! We’ll follow you back! Showcase our area and why running with us is so much fun.

9. Volunteer – Want to do more than just run the race? Volunteer! We’ll take all the help we can get. Help us give back to the community that’s given so much. Volunteer page with details will be coming soon to the race page.

10. Go for a Run – Most importantly, don’t forget to run! I mean there’s a race coming up, it would be awfully embarrassing to show up not having trained.

Congratulations Racers

Congratulations to everyone that ran Mississauga and Toronto races yesterday!  We lucked out with the weather (no rain/snow) but it was still cold and windy.  We had several PB’s despite the conditions, as well as first half marathons for some!  It was so nice to see so many Benders afterwards at Oscar’s for post race celebrations!  Was especially great to see Don out! ????

Let’s welcome our newest Bender David into our group.  David was part of Laura and Chandra’s Half Clinic – welcome David!

This week is recovery week, so we will back off a bit.

Tuesday – For anyone wanting to stretch out and loosen up those tired muscles how about Maria’s Workout at Loafers Lake – Classroom 1.  Class is at 6:30 sharp please arrive by 6:20 – bring a mat if you have one – fee is $5

Wednesday  – an easy 6 km (or 8 if you want) from the RR at 6:30 if you feel up to it.

Thursday  – another 6km or 8km from the RR at 6:30

Sunday – Mother’s day!  TBD

Please share your photos. Lets see those medals!