Biking in Welland and a Post Run Pool Party

After weeks of punishing weather during the winter season Benders are making sure to take advantage of the fantastic summer weather (that’s the fantastic summer weather that occurs between all the rain). There was the AGM Pool Party and then The Bender Golf Classic.  July had another two fantastic outings. Donovan and Andrea welcomed a peloton of 15 bikers (peloton…that’s what you call a group of bikers right? I don’t know, I just run) to take in the trails at their new home in Welland. Out cruising the canal for? Read more

Annual General Meeting aka BBQ Pool Party

The first official sign of summer happened this past weekend, I’m of course talking about the annual reading of the financial standing of The Brampton Benders. Nothing says summer like the itemization of revenues and expenses. Sun’s out…Balance sheets out! It looks like the Benders are still in the black, which is a surprise to no one as our latest and 80th member David joined to celebrate another fantastic year for the club. A group of 20+ members set off to get in their long slow run for the week? Read more

This Week – June 19th

 Have a look at this week’s practice runs (same as usual), and also the Events we are planning for July. Mark your calendars! This week: Tuesday – 6 km from Tim’s in Shoppers World – 6:45 Wed – Bramalea RR 10 km – 6:30 Thursday – Chris Gibson Rec Centre – 6:45 – 6 or 8 k Sunday – TBD – but probably 13 – 16 k July! Lots of Summer Events: July 7 (Friday evening) Bender RR night at Spot One with Al’s Band July 9 – The Bender? Read more